Phoenix Appeal

Phoenix urgently needs your help

This year, at our May Rally, we celebrated the 25th anniversary of Phoenix and recognised all the amazing work that has been achieved with this invaluable Society asset. Originally funded through the Heritage Lottery Fund and match funding from local companies, she is now desperately in need of further investment.

Last month she was craned out and investigations have shown major works are required to the stern gear, steelwork, engine, and gearbox. We naturally would like to undertake all the essential works to make her safe and to provide many more years of service, but this comes at a significant cost (estimated to be more than £4,000). Our volunteers have undertaken numerous repairs over recent years, but the time has arrived to seek some professional help.

Our chairman has for several years made the point that our assets are aging and will require investment, which cannot be met simply through subscriptions. We are therefore asking our members if they would donate generously to a Phoenix Fund, to enable all the works to be completed and ideally provide a fund for future repairs as and when required.

Phoenix is used almost every week on work party activity both for our own members and also, recently, to enable us to run volunteering days for local companies who wish to be involved with their local canal. She is also instrumental in providing boat trips at our rallies which for many people is their first experience on their local canal. Life without her would be very different and severely hamper our ability to carry out clean-ups and introduce people to the BCN.

If you feel able to contribute, please donate funds by Bank Transfer to: The BCN Society, Sort Code 30-92-35, Account No 2640 3168 or alternatively by a cheque made payable to The BCN Society and sent to Martin O’Keeffe, 10 Meadowcroft, Whitchurch, Shropshire, SY13 1BD. Even better if you can complete the Gift Aid declaration overleaf and return it to Martin!

Please identify your donation by using the reference “Phoenix”.

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Please treat as Gift Aid and reclaim tax on all my donations to the BCN Society from the date of this declaration until I notify you otherwise.

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Please return to: Martin O’Keeffe, 10 Meadowcroft, Whitchurch, Shrops, SY13 1BD