1.4 The Smethwick Summits

Unravelling the three levels of canals created through the hill at Smethwick, featuring the original high-level summit pound (491 ft) and the Smethwick Old Locks.


A map of the area covered will be added as soon as possible.



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  1. A really great video about the Smethwick Summit. But, a question. Andy said that vast quantities of water were needed for Brindley’s first line with six locks at each end. Smethwick reservoir was said to be the source but it seems it was insufficient. My question is where did the water come from to supply the summit. Was Boulton and Watt’s famous Smethwick engine pumping water. If so, from where? I believe the Engine Arm, with water from Rotten Park was built by Telford over 50 years later, as was his new main line.

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